TESLA MODEL S is available in many different colors. One of them is red. So, what is so interesting about the red Tesla Model S?

The Red Color Type

Tesla offers several different red colors that you can choose. Actually, there are two type of red color you can choose, which is red and signature red.

However, some people also find that there is also multi-coat red for this series.

In fact, this type of color can be said to be the rarest color you can find on Tesla Model S.

So if you find one at the showroom, do not miss the chance to buy it.

 The Red Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S with this color looks really cool. With nice finishing, this car has successfully created elegant appearance on the road.

When you ride it, you can easily become the main attention on the street.

Maybe, most people don’t know about this fact, that red is the rare color for Tesla Model S.

Most cars from this series that you can find on the road have a different color, like black, white, silver and other. But, for red Model S, it will be really hard to find it.

The Signature Red

The Signature Red color is totally driver. Compared to the red type above, this color has deeper and stronger intensity.

The coolest thing about this color is it can change when it was exposed to different color lights.

For example, if you drive this car and park it in your garage that has a light inside, the color will look like candy red color.

However, if you drive it under the exposure of sunlight, it will turn into deeper red color.

In fact, it slightly looks like matte color, where it loses its shiny that comes from its finishing. This is what makes this car looks unique.

 The Accent Color

The good thing about Tesla Model S is you also can choose the accent color for several parts of this car. The main color of this car is indeed red.

However, the accent color that you can find on another part, like the glass shade, windshield, and other parts, can be a different color.

To make it looks cool, you can choose black, because the combination of red and black will create hot and cool color.

The other choice is orange. This color is still in the same color tone range with the main color of this car.

You can choose orange for the glass shade, so it also can protect you from the sunlight.

Basically, the red color of Tesla Model S can look really beautiful, because the painting method for this color is using the multi-coat method. With this method, there will be many thin layers of red paint on this color body.

This method will be able to cover the whole body and every inch of the tiny crack on the car, which can create the smooth appearance.

The result is Tesla Model S looks really amazingly beautiful in red.