Tesla Model S is supported by rear facing seats. What are the benefits? Let’s talk a little bit about the rear facing seats installed on Tesla Model S.

Give Comfort

One of the functions of rear facing seat is to make your children comfortable while sitting inside the car.

Probably, the position is weird for some people due to the false kidnapping report.

When your children sit on the rear facing seat, it seems that they are sitting on the trunk.

Some people said that the third row seat which is the place of the rear facing seats is only suitable for kids.

The problem is that the position is face backward which is in the under the hatchback.

Seats for Children

There are several reasons why Tesla Model S is supported by rear facing seats. The main reason is because Tesla wants to build a standard seat for children.

Based on this reason, the rear facing seats are only suitable for children higher than 37 inches tall.

They also have to be not more than 35 up to 77 pounds. The location of the rear facing seats is behind the rear axle of the car.

This position is chosen due to the safety risk.

Interestingly, you are able to add rear facing seats if you think you need it by spending around $1.500. In short, you will have a third row designed for your beloved children.

Definitely, it is a solution for you who love to bring the entire family including your children for holiday.

The Safety

How about the safety of the rear facing seats? Actually, you don’t need to worry about the safety because Tesla Model S has specific features to support the rear facing seats.

As the result, your lovely children can sit there comfortable until you reach the destination.

It doesn’t matter if you want to bring them in your long distance journey.

To make sure about its comfort, you can check the material and the design of the seat.

In specific, the seat is made of lightweight and high quality mesh fabric along with great quality frame.

Moreover, the rear facing seats are supported by read sunshade and it is useful to block the solar thermal.

This is also the reason why your children can sit there comfortably without sweating.

How about if you don’t need the rear facing seats? You can just easily remove the seat.

The best part is that you can easily install and uninstall the rear facing seats.

Tesla is really cares about the comfort of your family especially your children.

By sitting on a comfortable rear facing seats, you can also keep driving without losing your focus.

There will be no crying or angry sound from your children because they might be enjoying the journey or even sleeping tightly.

Tesla Model S rear facing seats are also easy to find. You just need to go to the dealer close to your area and ask them to install the seat.

The cost is also affordable enough and the most important, you can solve your problem of how to bring your children comfortably.