Currently, you can buy a Tesla car in Indonesia. This American car from Serakat is indeed interesting to have because it fully uses electricity, so it is more environmentally friendly than conventional cars that use fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the price of Tesla electric cars in Indonesia is very expensive, so only certain circles can afford it.

Although it was only established in 2003, Tesla has become one of the largest automotive companies in the world. Tesla defeated other automotive companies that had just developed electric cars.

They are at the forefront in matters of electric car technology. Until now there have been several types of cars they have marketed, such as the Tesla s range model. This is a car with sophisticated features and has a sporty design that is no less cool than European or Japanese cars.

Tesla Model S Range Environmentally Friendly Car

Behind the high price of Tesla cars, we will get sophisticated cars that are environmentally friendly. Even though it is only powered by a battery, the Tesla electric car is capable of producing enormous power and torque.

The specifications of the Tesla car are different for each variant. But in general, it is distinguished by the capacity of the batteries. Because Tesla markets its cars in 75D variants or the equivalent of 75 kWh, 90D (90 kWh) and 100D (100 kWh). No need to fear running out of battery when driving, because each type of Tesla car has a very economical battery, so it can travel hundreds of kilometers with a single charge of the battery. Now who are curious to know the price of Tesla cars in Indonesia, please refer to the information below.

The Tesla s range model is the cheapest electric car marketed by Tesla. This car is priced at $ 35,000. Besides, there is also a more luxurious version with a price of $44,000. Unfortunately, there is no information about the price of the Tesla model car range in Indonesia.

 Comparable to the expensive price, this range of Tesla model car is equipped with a 15-inch touch screen and has 8 airbags and Electronic stability and traction control.

The Tesla s range model includes a compact dimension sedan, a length of 4,694 millimeters, a width of 1,849 mm, a height of 1,443 mm and a wheelbase of 2,875 mm. The maximum power for the Standard Type Range is 283 horsepower and a maximum speed of 225 km/hour.

For the Long Range type, the power is 412 hp, and the maximum speed is 233 km/hour, while the Performance type can shoot 472 hp with a maximum speed of 261 km/hour. All three electric cars are equipped with the one-speed transmission.

Standard Range has rear-wheel drive, while Long Range and Performance has four-wheel drive. Just for the record, for the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 luxury car importer that provides a two-year guarantee for spare parts and software, the battery is guaranteed eight years, and free towing.

As you know, a Tesla Model S Range car is a car with speeds above the average car in Indonesia. Maybe you can drive it on a highway or other road, but it won’t be able to reach its maximum speed.

As we said above, the Tesla Model S Range car has a maximum speed of 233 km/hour. While on the highway alone, sometimes the maximum speed of your car is only 100km / hour. In Indonesia, you might be able to use this extraordinary speed only in special arenas. Or you could drive it at an event, like a race.