Tesla has launched their latest model, Tesla Model S P100D. Do you want to know about the top speed of this TESLA MODEL S? Here is some information about that.

 0 – 60

The first thing that we have to talk about here is the acceleration. This part will show you the real performance of that car.

And, for this new model S, it can run really fast. This car can reach 60mph from 0 mph just in 2.54 second.

This data was acquired from the test drive that Tesla did on drag race circuit, at Palm Beach International Raceway.

This place is also the area where Tesla tested many of their previous cars. With this result, we can say that Tesla Model S P100D is the electric car with the highest acceleration that we can find today.

We can call it as the highest acceleration car, because if you compare it with the latest electric sedan, Tesla car is much better.

The electric car can only reach from 0 to 100 mph in 6.25 seconds, which was lower than this model.

More than that, Model S P100D also has been tested by racing against Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

The result is Tesla car won against this exotic super car. But, we can just call this new Tesla Model S as better car than that Lamborghini car.

The reason is it won only by small margin, which is only 0.922 second. But, this is still amazing result.

No one ever expected that a simple electric sedan can beat the super car from Lamborghini. So, Tesla has successfully created something good here.

The Top Speed

Now, let’s take a look at the main important thing, the Tesla Model S P100D top speed. According to several media, such as Associated Press, L.A.

Times and Business Insider, they call this car as the fastest car in the world. Maybe, it’s because like what Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said in the interview.

In that interview, he said that they have successfully created the fastest production car. And, that’s totally wrong.

However, we still can call it as the fastest in acceleration department. So, the right call for Tesla Model S P100D is the quickest car you can buy today.

The top speed of this model itself isn’t as high as most of the people expected. This car can only reach the 155 mph as its top speed, like other Tesla Model S series.

So, if we make a match between this car and other car, even the sport car, this car still has bigger chance to win, thanks to its crazily fast acceleration.

Overall, if we look at the top speed of Tesla Model S P100D, we can’t say it as the fastest one or magnificent top speed number.

With only 155 mph, many other car can outcome its speed. But, as electric car, this car is really good car that you can find today.

With its quick acceleration, it also can give you the speed that you like, when you drive it.