The acceleration in TESLA MODEL S P100D does indeed live up to one of its features.

Absolutely ludicrous. Yes, even without the Ludicrous Mode, Tesla own electric cars lineup already offer brisk performance.

Now with the launch of P100D, Tesla Motors clearly has taken the electric car industry to a brand new heights.

Here, we will discuss more about the first electric luxury car to rank with Mercedes AMGE63, Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and BMW M5.

Tesla Model S o-60 Performance

When we talk about the P100D, we talk about a game-changing electric car.

There is simply no other production car on this planet that can reach such indescribable achievement quite like Model S.

As we all know, Model S from Tesla Motors never fail to offer excellent performance.

This is exactly the reason many of us questioned Elon Musk’s claims regarding software update for the P100D.

 At the time, he claimed this update would give a significant boost to the new P100D from Model S line up. He added that faster acceleration for the P100D was promising.

However, at the time even he wasn’t expecting a huge jump. The latest Ludicrous Mode was first tested by Motor Trend and the result was nothing more than pur insanity.

As it turns out, the blistering record of 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 2.34-seconds was not an empty promise.

According to the test conducted by Motor Trend, TESLA MODEL S P100D was faster than Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 911 Turbo S.

This is surprising to say the least. Until the 100D model, there was no other mass produced car to successfully crack 2.3-second acceleration mark.

Weighing a total of 5,062 lbs with both driver and gear, the P100D on Ludicrous Easter-egg mode delivered impressive driving experience.

As Brian Brantley and Frank Markus from Motor Trend stated, there has been no other production car on normal tires that could compare to Tesla Model S P100D.

During the initial car launches, Tesla was 0.05-second ahead of Porsche 911 Turbo S. Throughout the test, these two cars ran evenly through 40 mph before Tesla pulled ahead, 0.2-second faster.

Tesla Model S o-60 Specs and Price

Back in the day, it may seem like there was a layer of complexity about the lineup. However this complexity seems to have no place in the latest Model S lineup.

Since its release, it is now clear to see which ground in the industry that the electric car classify itself.

As the first premium electric fast car, Model S P100D is now offered at a price of 134,000-dollars.

The 100D is offered at a price less than that of the P100D version. With as much as 35,000-dollar difference, the 100D comes with a wide range of standard kit such as Smart Air Suspension.

For an addition of around 5,000-dollars and 3500-dollars, you may add excellent full self-driving capabilities and enhanced autopilot.

Not only that, both the 100D and P100D versions now also come with supercharging points that enable fast recharge.

Making TESLA MODEL S P100D the best premium electric car you can find on the market.