TESLA MODEL S can be considered to be one of most expensive electric car. However, you can still get the cheap version of this car. How can we do that ?

The Tesla Model S Toys

Nowadays, you can easily find toy car that use Tesla car as its base model. However, for Tesla Model S, you can try the Hot Wheels product.

The Hot Wheels product, in fact, creates detail design for their series of Tesla Model S car. According to Mattel, the company that make Hot Wheels car, they use the 1/64th scale model for their Tesla Model S series.

The Design of Tesla Model S Hot Wheels

Although the size is small, if we see the detail of this series, we can call it as one of the best creation from this company.

The first interesting part is the wheels. The rim looks like the real one. This Tesla Model S Hot Wheels choose sport rim for this product.

The coolest part of the wheels is the bright red line on the side of the tire. This color creates really cool looks from this car series.

The body is also well-designed. You can find all accents that you can find on the real Tesla Model S.

The most amazing part is the front side. The grill and headlight has really good design.

This is actually amazing, because the super small size of this Hot Wheels car. Even though it’s small, you can still see this detail easily and clearly.

For color, unlike the real one that has several color choices, like black, white, silver, red and other, the Hot Wheels car for Tesla Model S is only available in two colors.

You can only get red and silver color. We don’t know why, but the painting job for this product isn’t quite satisfying. Maybe, it’s because the material that is used for this toy, the silver painting on this car toy doesn’t look smooth like the real Tesla Model S.

However, once you launch it on the track, this uneven painting job won’t be matter. It will look great when it runs at high speed.

The Price

A single Tesla Model S Hot Wheels car is priced at $1.09. The funny thing about this price is it’s 69,000 times cheaper than the real Tesla Model S car.

The real one is priced around $75,000, which can be classified to be the premium or high class car. In fact, this car is one of the most expensive electric cars you can find on the market.

However, the price is equal with what this car can give to you. The performance of Tesla Model S, especially the latest one, the P100D, is really satisfying.

This car has high acceleration and can reach its top speed in just short amount of time.

For Hot Wheels collector and Tesla car user, Tesla Model S Hot Wheels car is definitely a must get product.

This is one of the best creations you can find from the line of product of Hot Wheels.