One of interesting things about Tesla Model S is its engine. So, does this electric car have an engine? Let’s find out the answer below.

Special Battery Pack

The first thing to understand is that Tesla Model S is using a battery pack as the power. In specific, this car is supported by a 90kWh battery pack.

Don’t underestimate the performance of this battery pack because it supports to drive the car 15 miles faster than any other electric cars.

As the result, you can drive your car up to 335 miles without any significant problem. Tesla Model S is also considered as a longest range electric car and the battery pack helps the performance a lot.

Special Single Engine

90kWh battery pack is not the only power of this car. Moreover, Tesla Model S is also supported by 70kWh single engine and it is designed for the new Model S.

The good news, you can just remodel or install this single engine by spending around $70.000.

The purpose of using this single engine is that you can drive this car better especially on its acceleration and speed. In fact, Tesla Model S is considered as a car with the best acceleration and the fastest electric car in the world.

Ludicrous Mode Software

One more feature which supports the performance of the car is the Ludicrous Mode.

This is considered as the latest software which boosts the performance of the car.

Just imagine that by installing this software, Tesla Model S can reaches 0 up to 60mph for only 2.8 seconds and even faster.

This achievement is similar to the achievement made by super car such as Ferrari and McLaren.

You can also drive the car with its best acceleration. In fact, this car is able to accelerate up to 1.1g.

Definitely, the performance of Ludicrous Mode is supported by the battery pack and also the electronic upgrade. As the result, the system is able to extract the power of the battery.

The process is also safe enough because it doesn’t melt the fuse at all. This system becomes the secret why Tesla Model S has great power up to 60mph even than Insane Mode.

Tesla is trying to design Model S perfectly. It can be seen on the improvement of the speed and acceleration without changing the chassis and suspension.

As the result, you don’t lose the comfort from the previous Tesla generations but you will get more that you don’t feel before by driving Tesla Model S.

In short, Tesla works well because of three different revolutionary systems.

Those are the special battery pack, single engine, and Ludicrous Mode.

These three systems work perfectly to boost the speed and the acceleration of the car.

You don’t need to charge your battery all the time because the fast speed system doesn’t give any significant impact to the battery. If you have to recharge the battery, you can also do it easily anywhere and anytime you want.

Tesla Model S is considered as an electric car with the longest range distance so you can reach 335 miles faster than driving any other electric car.