Tesla Model S is offered in several colors. One of them is deep blue metallic. So, what you can expect from this blue Model S ?

Safety Features

One of the reasons why you have to choose Tesla Model S blue is because of its safety.

In fact, Model S from Tesla is built with high safety technology. The safety features are installed in front of, side, and bottom of the car.

For example, there is a safety feature known as side collision warning so you can prevent the risk of collision with other cars.

Tesla Model S blue is also supported by emergency braking system along with automatic detection and braking system. Due to the protection system installed, this car is considered as the safest car.

Better Acceleration

Besides offering the fastest car, Tesla is also offering the quickest acceleration car. Thanks to the electric powertrain and low center gravity to boost its performance.

Tesla Model S blue is coming with three different versions which are 75D, 100D, and P100D. 75D is the standard version along with fast acceleration.

100D is the premium version along with the longest range whereas P100D is the latest version along with the new acceleration system known as ludicrous acceleration system.

Interestingly, this car is also designed with dual motor along with independent traction and Tesla is the one who can do it. One of the benefits is to make you drive the car comfortable in all weather conditions.


Tesla Model S blue is known as a strong car which can be driven anywhere you want whether for short distance or faraway distance.

With the help from the features, you are about to drive a fast car so long distance location can be reached shorter than before. You don’t need to worry about the way to charge the car.

In fact, you can charge Model S blue anywhere you want whether at home, on the road, and upon the arrival.

The experience is similar to the conventional car and even better. How about the time to charge the car? This is also a supercharge car in which you can just charge with only 30 minutes so you can just wait it while reading your favorite books, drinking tea or coffee, or anything else before fully recharged and driving the car.


In short, you are about to drive the best electric car. Just imagine that you are driving a car with the quickest acceleration in which the car can reach 0mph up to 60mph for only 2.5 seconds! The safety features reduce the injury probability so you can drive the car comfortably without worrying anything even if you drive the car in fast speed.

Tesla Model S blue is also considered as the longest electric car range in which you can drive the car up to 335 miles.

This is really a fast car because you can reach 170 miles for 30 minutes! The most important, you will be supported by up to 8.000 charge stations to make sure that you can do it anywhere and anytime you want.

That’s why people want to buy and drive Tesla Model S blue.