Talking about Tesla Model S, we have to talk about its battery life. The information below helps you to understand more about Tesla Model S battery life.

The Latest Battery Technology

Most people are asking about the battery life because they are afraid that Tesla Model S can’t cover their needs especially for long distance destinations.

Actually, Tesla has a great solution in which they are using a battery pack. In this case, the car will be supported by a 90kWh battery pack. The most interesting about this battery pack is that you can drive the car 15 miles faster.

Easy to Recharge

The next problem is about how to recharge the battery if you need it especially in urgent condition.

Once again, Tesla is trying to anticipate this condition and create a brilliant solution for you.

There are around 8.000 chargers in various locations. As the result, you can charge your Tesla Model S anywhere and anytime you want.

You can fully charge the battery pack at home before driving it.

Moreover, you can also stop in the closest location and charge the battery while take a rest or doing something to relax yourself.

If you don’t need to do it, you can just recharge the batter later after driving the car. Definitely, there is no problem anymore related to the battery life of Tesla Model S.

Supercar Charging Ability

The recharging time is also a problem for drivers. In fact, some of them are in hurry and it seems impossible to wait too long.

At the same time, they have to charge the car because it runs out of power.

What you need to know that you are about to drive a high tech car from Tesla. Tesla is giving the best solution through the features and systems installed on Tesla Model S.

The best part of this car is that you can recharge the battery life faster. You don’t need to wait a few hours only to fully charge the battery.

Interestingly, you just need to wait for about 30 minutes and the battery will be fully recharged and you are ready to drive your car to your final destination.

The Role of Ludicrous Mode

Just remember that Tesla Model S is also supported by specific software known as Ludicrous Mode.

This mode software improves the performance of the car higher in the form of performance including its speed and acceleration.

One thing for sure, you are about to drive a car with the best acceleration and the fastest car.

The purpose is of course to short the distance so you don’t need to spend too much battery. The goal is to facilitate drivers who have to drive Tesla Model S long distance.

You don’t need to worry because Tesla Model S is different than any other electric car.

This car can reach up to 335 miles and it is considered as an electric car with the longest range distance.

The achievement might be various for each driver. The performance of the battery is depending on the average speed, temperature, fast charging frequency, and many more.