When you read amount of technology news recently, you may acknowledge that Elon Musk runs many great innovation sectors to see the future.

Despite magical things like Hyperloop and SpaceX, here is Tesla, the futuristic electric car. One of the series is called Tesla Model S that is supported by a super-sophisticated technology.

There are many great features offered for sure including the giant touch screen for 17 inch to monitor anything in the center console. But here is that is often questioned by people; how is the battery? It is not something exaggerated then to say that battery in Tesla Model S is the greatest thing after all. Why? Here is the explanation.

Multiple Notebook-Like Batteries

What do you think about the battery possibly applied in a car? Tesla model S battery should be big, isn’t it? But the big battery must give a problem; it spends too much space so that it can just lessen the accommodation function.

To solve this problem, Tesla tends to use a sort of smaller battery, similar to your laptop’s battery but it is not only one. the battery is arranged properly in the cabin floor and then they are packed to make them resistant towards any outer attack like water, dust, and others.

Using many batteries rather than one big battery has some benefits. First, like it has been mentioned above, it can just be more practical.

The batteries basically can just be placed anywhere necessary without making the car feel more cramped. In the future, when there is another model, the batteries’ placement can just adapt the design.

Second, such batteries are more affordable in term of price. When there is damage in one particular battery, you only need to change that one. Of course, it is more economical.

The Specifications of Battery

Particularly for the model of 85 kWh that is installed in Tesla model S, there are around 7,104 cells of battery Lithium-ion that are then divided into 16 modules.

Those batteries are installed in series. For each module, there are 6 series and each of the series consists of 74 batteries arranged in parallels.

This way of installment and arrangement enables the batteries to be interconnected each other so that the electricity network can just work more properly.

For this set of battery, it needs to be charged by 240 volt of electricity for being worked optimally. Meanwhile, for full-charged battery, it takes around 9.5 hours.

More Excellence

The batteries installed for this Tesla series are not only incredible in term of power saving.

More than that, it is also resistant. Thanks for the seal that makes it waterproof. But is it really not bad at all for certain conditions like flood?

It is believed that Tesla Model S is able to pass though the pool for 250 mm without being worried about any damage and short circuit.

Around the seal of battery, the temperature is kept to be cold for not allowing it to be swollen or even exploded when the car is used in an area with high temperature.