TESLA MODEL S series has many interesting features. One of them is the autopilot feature. Here is some information about this feature.

Autopilot Feature

The autopilot feature on Tesla Model S is Autopilot 8.0, which is the latest autopilot feature. This feature has ability to drive the car smoothly.

This feature has several functions. You can find super-smart cruise control. With this feature, your car can run by itself on the road. In fact, Tesla designs this feature, so this Model S can run on highway without problem.

The autopilot feature work by using camera, radar, sensor and GPS that’s installed on this car. This will help you to relax when you drive your car.

Although with this feature, you don’t need to drive your car directly, but according to the instruction for using this feature, you still need to put your hand on the wheel.

There are many things that this feature can do for you. It can steer your car, adjust the speed on the road, detect object and any obstacle that can harm the car and break.

The Autopilot System Part

In order to work perfectly, the autopilot feature in Tesla Model S is equipped with several equipment. Here are some of them.

Forward-looking radar

This radar can detect anything 500 feet around the car. It can even work when the road full of snow, fog or when you drive the car on sand area. This radar is the main equipment of this system. By using this equipment and camera, this system can work perfectly fine. Autopilot 8.0 is also the autopilot system that was built by Tesla, so this is the original product from this company. The previous autopilot series is the creation of Mobil eye.


Tesla Model S has several cameras that can help driver to drive as well as park this car. However, the camera that is located in front of car also has function to support the Autopilot feature. This camera can be found on windshield part of this car. This camera will be able to recognize the sign, traffic light and many more.


Just like radar, the sonar has ability to detect any obstacle around the car. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that this equipment has function like a cocoon that wraps the car. So, any object that enters the cocoon will be shown on its system. The system will detect it and operate the car according to the situation on the road.

Tesla Model S has 12 ultrasonic sensors that will work as sonar. With this many sensors, this car can detect anything, either inanimate object, like building, sign and other, to animate object, like child, dog and other animal. The great thing is this feature can work in any speed.

Navigation Tool

The navigation tool that we can find here is GPS and Tesla NAV. Both of them will help the autopilot to choose right route to reach your destination without problem.

We can say the Autopilot 8.0 on Tesla Model S is the best feature you can find. Although, there is case where this system unable to detect stop truck, and make the car hit that truck, this system is still amazing.