TESLA MODEL S has many accessories that you can get, which has many functions. Here are some of those accessories that you can try.

Dash Cam for Rear View Mirror

You can install this camera on the rear view mirror of your Tesla Model S. This camera will be able to record and recognize anyone who is trying to do vandalism to your car.

This is also useful accessory for record the moment when there is accident. Therefore, you can use the record to claim for your car insurance.

Dash Cam is installed inside the rear view mirror. Its location is hidden, therefore it won’t be easily found by other people.

This camera has 32 GB memory card in it. With this amount of space, it can record everything. This camera also connected to Wi-Fi, so it can send the recorded video to your gadget or computer, whenever you want it.

 Dash Cam also has G-Sensor that uses Accident Auto Detection Feature. With this feature, whenever you are involved in accident, the recording will be safe and free from damage. This camera is also easy to install, even for you who never had any camera installed in your car before.

The Car Cover for Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is electric car. It has many sensitive parts and component, that can damaged, if it’s not well protected.

This car cover is one of the best protections for those parts. Actually, there are two different types of car covers that you can use for Tesla Model S. One of them is the indoor car cover.

This car cover is made of satin. This material make it become really soft car cover, therefore when you use it for covering your car, it won’t damage the paint.

This product is perfect car cover for you who park the car in the garage or underground parking area.

The most important thing about this accessory is this car cover is specially made for Tesla Model S. Therefore, it can cover every part of your Tesla Model S car.

More than that, this cover is also designed, so you can still have access to its charging port.

This way, you can still recharge your car power, while covering it with this accessory.

Top fit Console Organizer

Although Tesla Model S has many useful features, however this car doesn’t has good design for its center console. If you love to drink or eat when you drive or ride this car, you won’t have any place to put it.

This is where this Topfit Console Organizer becomes really useful. This accessory has two cups or bottles holder, which perfectly fit for average-sized drink.

There is also big space in front of the Kleenex box, for keeping different stuff. Basically, this is one of the useful accessories you can get.

Tesla Model S is indeed good quality car. However, you can make it more useful, by using these accessories.

It will give you extra function and help to drive more comfortably.