Tesla Model S becomes the fastest acceleration car in the world. Let’s find out the secret of this car and its super fast acceleration.

Short Overview

Tesla Model S is known as a full sizes electronic doors which introduced by Tesla Inc. on June 22nd 2012.

This car becomes an interesting and popular car because of its technology and features. For example, it is supported by 100kWh battery pack and becoming the highest battery pack than any other electric cars.

The sale is also incredible in which it reached top rank in several countries including Norway, Denmark, and United States of America.

It won several awards such as World Green Car of the Year in 2013, Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2013, Car of the Year from Automobile Magazine in 2013, Best 25 Inventions of the Year in 2012, and many more.

The Use of Ludicrous Mode

The secret is the use of Ludicrous Mode which is inspired by space balls software. By installing this software, Tesla Model S achieves its high performance than previous generations. CEO Tesla, Elon Musk claimed that this car reaches 0-60mph in only 2.8 seconds.

This achievement is faster than Inside Model which reaches 0-6mph in only 3.0 seconds.  Based on this fact, Tesla Model S is believed as a four door car which similar to hyper cars such as Ferrari and McLaren. The most interesting, this car is able to accelerate up to 1.1g.

How Ludicrous Mode Works

So, what is Ludicrous Mode? Generally, this mode is supported by a battery pack and electronic upgrade.

This combination triggers better acceleration more than 30mph. The different is on how the system works to give more power to accelerate.

What people don’t really know is that P85D can’t boost the power. So, how Tesla Model S get its additional power to be the fastest acceleration car in the world? The secret is on extraction system.

P85D is extracting the power from the battery and by using this revolutionary system the extraction process doesn’t melt the fuse.

That’s why this car has bigger power up to 60mph than Insane Mode. What make you shock is that there is no changing on the chassis and suspension.

The Cost of New Tesla Model S

To drive Tesla Model S with the performance describes above, the buyers need to spend extra money.

Let say, you have to add for about $10.000 to bring the new Tesla Model S home. For those who want to get P85D system it means you have to spend $5000 more.

To support the performance, there is also additional $3000 for a battery pack. This is a 90kWh battery pack and it is used to give additional 15 miles faster.

In short, when you drive the car around 65mph you can reach 300 miles in highway. Besides offering special battery pack, Elon Musk offers a 70kWh single engine for the new Model S.

To get this special single engine, you have to spend up to $70.000 but it is worth it for speed and acceleration lovers.

Ludicrous Mode is also considered as flexible software because it is also compatible for the latest Model X Crossover SUV.

By using this software, Model X can reach 60mph in only 3.2 seconds. Definitely, the facts above make car lovers really curious about the performance of Tesla Model S.