Does anyone not know the top class of the famous Tesla Motor Brand? They always consistently release their newest product every year. With the luxury offered by them, of course, it will attract many people in the world to buy it.

When there are various variants of the Tesla car, starting from the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model S 75d, 80d, 90d, and 100d. Tesla Model S p100d which has the highest speed.

The Tesla Model S 90d is one of the variants that you can choose from the type of Tesla car model X. The Tesla Model S 90d has specifications that are high enough so that it can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/hours and can reach trips of up to 413 km.

The uniqueness of the Tesla Model S 90d

The Tesla Model S 90d is not just a fast and comfortable car, but also has a very good level of safety. This is evidenced by data released by the United States driving safety testing and development agency that this car won a five-star score in its test.

Another uniqueness of the Tesla Model S 90d car is the design of the rear door called the Falcon Wing Doors where the open-close system of the door is like a bird’s wing that expands upward. Tesla made a door mechanism like this to make it easier for rear passengers when parking in a narrow environment.

Besides, all mechanisms for opening the front door and rear trunk are also operated electrically by simply pressing the button that replaces the door handle mechanism or accesses the remote.

Entering the interior of this car, there are no buttons other than the power window, Hazzard and drawer opener only. The rest is arranged from a large screen in the middle of the dashboard.

Starting from adjusting the air conditioner, seat settings, seat heater settings, driving modes, steering response settings, height adjustment of the car, opening and closing doors and luggage at the same time. Until the process of turning on the lights of the car at night and also turning on the cabin lights.

Not only that, because there are also embedded features such as entertainment systems, navigation systems, internet browsers, information about the entire state of the car and much more.

The Tesla Model S 90d is a very appropriate car if you prioritize the safety of driving. As we mentioned above, there are a variety of safety features in this car, so you drive like a king who is safe from all problems.

Some other cars with the same price might have some deficiencies, but in the Tesla Model S 90d, we don’t see any of these deficiencies. What we see is only perfection from the outside to the car.

With doors that are designed by Falcon Wing Doors, you will be very stylish wherever and whenever. You will be in the spotlight when you get out of the car or when you come out and open the door.

The luxury that is owned by the Tesla Model S 90d is specifically created for those of you who want to look elegant and quirky. From the perfect look, you will be lauded like a king or queen.

If you do have the chance to have it, why not buy it right now. In general, the Telsa brand car will only be reserved for upper-class people who have abundant wealth.

Some of them are like artists or big businessmen in this world. From the wealth they have, the luxurious appearance of the Tesla Model S 90d will make them more perfect.