It is not a secret that in term of performance, Tesla Model S is supported by a very sophisticated machinery system.

When you go inside and drive it, it seems that other types of car are just so out of date. Despite the interior features like the 17-inch touch screen, the motor is not something to forget.

It features the rear-mounted electric motor with copper rotor along with a 362 hp and 325 ft. Lb motors for the base model. So, what are the contributions of the Tesla model S motor for the car’s performance in general ?

The Powertrain

In details, the rear-mounted electric motor is also equipped by the three-phase and four-pole AC inductions.

They enable to support the power to move in more acceleration. Slightly when you try to see the engine system of this car, it is probably a little bit surprising. Well, there is nothing like the engine within the car.

The engine is indeed placed between the wheels. Interestingly, it is also another key point why there is much space for passengers in this car rather than for the machinery.

Meanwhile, the battery is also placed on the area that you have maybe never thought before. Rather than using a big battery that spends too much space, Tesla prefers using many batteries that are arranged in series, again, to save the space.

The combination of good motors as well as effective batteries produces a great performance.

This car series is able to produce power for around 269 horse power for the front motor and 503 for the rear one. So, when it is summed up, it is just similar to the super car with 4000 cc or more.

Meanwhile, there is also the great torsion for around 1073 Nm. To support the performance, there are basically two kinds of modes available; they are ‘Insane Mode’ and ‘Ludicrous Mode’. The second mode is optional.


The features provided by this car are surely more than anything. Tesla is indeed well-known for the utilization of electricity power.

However, in general, it is such a futuristic car with multiple functions. Still related to the motor system, here is one of the features; the Autopilot system.

Autopilot can be defined as the system that enables the passengers to set the car up so that there is no driver used. Tesla Model S indeed applies so many sensors. Therefore, the car can just move in stable way without any driver who step on the pedal and move the steer wheel.

If you want to change the line of road, just move the lever and the car can be on another line automatically.

However, this system still cannot be applied anytime and anywhere. It is based on the fact that there are many things on the road.

A driver that control and monitor the car in general is still needed so that it can just be driven safely although this mode is already applied.

As it is known as the future car, there are still numerous sophisticated features applied here.

Many of them are even never expected before. So, are you interested in Tesla Model S for your transportation device ?