Electric-powered cars are the most talked about in the automotive world, and the 2018 Tesla Model s has been on sale in Indonesia starting this year. General importer of Prestige Image Motorcars has imported the car directly from the United States.

The 2018 Tesla Model s is the cheapest of the four types of electric cars produced by the company owned by US billionaire Elon Musk. However, don’t think that the “cheap” price is equivalent to the LCGC price tag in Indonesia.

In the US, Tesla sells the cheapest variant of the four-door sedan, called the Model 3 Mid Range, for $ 34,200. The price includes incentives to use environmentally-friendly electric vehicles from the local government.

Meanwhile, the Long Range version is priced at $ 41,200, and the most expensive version called Performance is priced at $ 52,200.

That number is the estimated average price because it could be lower or higher, depending on how much incentive is given by the state government where the car is sold in the US.

The 2018 Tesla Model s has been imported from June 3, 2019, and is available in six colors, two types of rims, and two different interior designs.

Total worldwide, citing Business Insider, there are 200,000 units of Tesla that have crossed the streets. The number is expected to increase to 3 million units in 2023 after Tesla sent the 2018 Tesla Model s to its customers.

Some obstacles had hampered production, but, according to Bloomberg, currently Tesla has completed production of 131,616 units and every month there are 4,311 Model 3 coming out of the factory in Fremont, California, USA.

In August 2018, Clean Technica reported that the 2018 Tesla Model was included in the top five best-selling cars in the land of Uncle Sam. When calculating the total profits generated, the ranking of Model 3 rises to number one.

Why is the 2018 Tesla Model so popular?

2018 Tesla Model s has a low price compared to other electric cars. Moreover, as mentioned above, the US people who buy environmentally-friendly electric cars will receive incentives from the government so that the money spent is also reduced.

The high price of the 2018 Tesla Model s in Indonesia is due to the total taxes and import duties that must be paid can reach 116 percent of the price of the car. Not to mention shipping and other costs.

The Indonesian government is currently discussing incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles, but the regulations originally planned to be completed in August 2018 have not yet been heard from again.

2018 Tesla Model S Technology

The three technology variants are equipped with various latest technologies. Although still driven by humans, the car has been embedded in auto-pilot technology that helps the driver and Tesla are developing it to become a fully self-driving vehicle in the future.

This car is equipped with various features to maintain the safety of the people in it, including Autosteer, which will help the driver adjust the speed to traffic conditions.

The interior design is simple but looks elegant. On the dashboard of the car only visible steering wheel and a 15-inch touch screen that regulates all the features of the car. Such a design is used on three existing variants.

The Mid Range version uses a 50kW battery which can carry cars up to a maximum distance of about 418 km before running out of power. While the Long Range and Performance versions use a 75kW battery that can move it up to around 500 km.

The maximum speed achieved is 200 km / h, but there is a difference in acceleration. Mid Range takes 5.6 seconds from rest to reach speeds of 100 km / h, while Long Range needs 4.5 seconds, and Performance, as the name implies, only takes 3.3 seconds.