The 2018 Tesla Model S 75D can also be said of the X car Telsa car. This is one car that is loved by some people in the world, even now there are already some people who have it.

Not just anyone can have a 2018 tesla model s 75d, with the high price of this car may only be owned by those of the upper classes such as artists or entrepreneurs who have been successful.

Specifications Of 2018 tesla model s 75d

Looking at the outer or physical sector, it seems that this luxury car made by an American factory will carry a very attractive appearance. It can be seen and known from the body structure on all sides of this car, where we can start from the front. At the front, there is a headlamp made with a narrow shape like eyes staring sharply ahead. Besides, the headlamp carried by the T2018 tesla s 75d model also has LED technology so that it can emit light optimally, especially when driving at night.

The cabin space offered by Tesla this time is quite relieved to be able to accommodate up to 6 passengers as well as the driver so that it will make passenger movements more spacious and comfortable. Meanwhile on the other hand, when entering the interior of the 2018 Tesla S 75D model, there are no buttons other than the power window, Hazzard and drawer opener only. The rest, almost all navigation features are arranged from a large screen measuring 17 inches in the middle of the dashboard. Call it like the features in the form of air conditioning settings, seat settings, seat heater settings, driving mode, and steering response settings of this Tesla Model X. Besides, there are also some entertainment features, such as 9 stereo speaker systems with FM / HD radio, support for MP3, AAC, and MP4 music formats, navigation systems, internet browsers, information about the whole state of the car and much more.

In connection with the runway offered, Tesla presents four choices of battery capacity that can be chosen by consumers. Just like a conventional engined car, the greater the capacity the greater the power and distance traveled. The four capacities of the Tesla Model X batteries range from the 75D, 90D, 100D to P100D models. The 75D type is known to have a battery capacity of up to 75 kWh with a travel capacity of up to 380 Km. Besides, the 75D variant is also reportedly able to accelerate between 0-100 Km / h in 6 seconds. Where the achievement of the acceleration of the Tesla Model X car was reached with a maximum speed of 210 Km/hr.

To support safety in driving, Tesla has also equipped this homemade electric car with features such as ABS braking technology. Where, with this technology, braking in 2018 tesla 75d model obtained will be more perfect and able to prevent tires from slipping. Besides, to protect passengers, this car will also be equipped with 12 airbags. So that passengers remain protected when there is a collision or loud accident.

Meanwhile, Among the advanced features for the 2018 tesla 75d model, there are special features that can also be enjoyed by the owner of this electric SUV, the autopilot feature. autopilot features found in this car are features that can help the driver. This feature also allows the driver to take off, steering, gas, and brakes. However, the car can still be controlled, turn itself and when there are obstacles in front of it the Tesla Model X will brake automatically.