2017 Tesla Model S Configurations This feature may not many people know about it because not everyone has the opportunity to buy luxury cars for the upper class.

You might be amazed if you know the 2017 Tesla Model S Configurations Features. You can see extraordinary things beyond human reason in the automotive world which is still being developed.

For those of you who are curious about the 2017 Tesla Model S Configurations Features. Check out the full review below.


Aimed at people with limited mobility, the Model S autopilot can control their throttle, brakes and steering in a variety of situations. The driver can even change lanes if the driver activates the vehicle’s rotation signal. This is not yet an autonomous steering system, but even forgiveness is the word “hands-on wheels”.

Luminous Mode Plus

To enjoy the full potential of Model S acceleration, there is the Ludicrous Plus Mode, which can be activated by pressing this option in the settings menu for 5 seconds without stopping. When finished, the vehicle will ask if you are sure you want to accelerate that much in such a short time, because the engine is worn and if you choose “yes” you can see your car reach 100 km / h in a fraction of a second.

Fast Chargers

When we need to withdraw money, we look for ATMs around the city, right? The same applies to users of Tesla electric cars in the United States, which have fast charging points in various cities and roads throughout the country. Just pull over, plug it in, wait an hour, and roll on the streets again.

Software Update

Just like our smartphones have their systems and applications constantly up-to-date, with increased security and improved features, the Model S features are also frequently updated. Thus, improvements in the autopilot or Ludicrous Plus mode, for example, are easily accepted by users.

Streaming Services

Listening to conventional radio is no longer a habit for many people, and streaming services dominate this market. The S model follows trends and, when the car is connected to the internet, Tesla allows drivers to enjoy sound through services like Slacker or TuneIn.

Internet search

Although it is considered rather slow, the Tesla web browser works well on Model S. Drivers can access the page comfortably, not just loading the video on the screen – for safety reasons. After all, if you watch the tense episodes of the series you watch, it can end in a car accident, right?

Suspension by automatic appointment

While many luxury or off-road vehicles have pneumatic suspension that can be adjusted to the best driving conditions, the Model S has an auto-lift suspension in addition to the manual option. When you lift the suspension at a certain point on your route, the vehicle will remember that when you pass there again, adjust the suspension automatically.

Parking Sensor

Cars equipped with parking sensors have been around for decades, but Tesla has enhanced this feature in the Model S. Instead of sensors only blaring when detecting obstacles, the Tesla version shows where objects are, and great distances.

Smart Lock

Besides being developed in the form of a good wagon, the key to the Model S is also smart. Without visible buttons, it is possible, in addition to opening the car door, to simply open the trunk, unlock the car and lock it. With some special controls, you can also use the key to activate certain features, and you can get the car out of the parking lot by itself, reaching you even if you don’t physically talk about your direction.