Tesla is one of the electric car manufacturers that currently produce cars with the world’s top-quality supported by specifications and advanced technology features.

This one car has been officially marketed on several continents, such as Europe and America. Seeing this, every car made by Tesla is certainly priced at a very fantastic price.

 The price of a Tesla car that is priced at a very fantastic nominal is certainly very comparable to the specifications it carries. The price is far from the price of Honda cars marketed in Indonesia.

 Comes with the best innovation, this one electric car is claimed to be able to become the car of the future.

This Tesla manufacturer is still relatively new, which was established in 2003 and immediately became one of the major automotive manufacturers in the world.

 In 20016 Tesla presented two new variants of the Model S, 60 and 60D. The sedan is priced less expensive than models that have been on the market before.

2016 Tesla Model S variant 60 is priced starting at $66,000. While the Tesla Model S 60D variant is marketed starting at $71,000.

The difference is quite far if you see the price of the previous Tesla Model S 90D which reached $89,500.

The electric car manufacturer from the United States has also removed the Model S 75 variant from their website. And in 2016 there were only S 60 and S 60D Models.

What is the 2016 Tesla Model S Speed?

2016 Tesla Model S S 60 can accelerate at speeds of 0-96.5 kilometers per hour in 5.5 seconds. The electric car is also capable of recording a maximum speed of 209 kilometers per hour.

One time charging, the car can be filled to a distance of up to 321 kilometers.

 The 2016 Tesla Model S is a type of SUV owned by Tesla which is also equipped with an electric powered engine.

Equivalent to the price of a Tesla car that is priced very expensive, this 2016 Tesla Model S car offers a sophisticated car with a technological system and also a complete level of security and is also the best for now.

 Besides, the 2016 Tesla Model S is also equipped with Tesla Self-Driving technology that makes this car run automatically.

This is also proof that Tesla is a car manufacturer that is one step ahead of other automotive manufacturers in developing autonomous cars for the future.

 And speaking of the design of the 2016 Tesla Model S, Tesla has made this car body look futuristic, especially with the design of the door using the Falcon Wings which further strengthens the cool impression on this one car.

Besides, the space on the inside is also very comfortable and there is a screen that has been linked to the GPS in this one car.

 Indeed, at this time many cars are scattered on the market, even more so some new expenses.

Like the Tesla P100D model and several others. But for you Indonesians, having a 2016 Tesla Model S is a very special thing.

 You can just have this 2016 Tesla Model S at a pretty cheap price today compared to other cars. Because of the year alone is quite long, and usually, the selling price of an old car will go down too.

Therefore, if you wish to have a luxury car, the 2016 Tesla Model S is the choice we highly recommend for you. With this minimal price, you can style here and there with pride in luxury. Especially if you are a man, you will easily hook a date.