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Tesla Model S: Designs and Specifications

Tesla Model S car is now already available all around the world. Yes, it is although maybe still some countries that cannot enjoy its brilliant performance.

Being supported by the electric car concept, the car is definitely environment friendly. More than that, it has great and sophisticated features and specifications that you may never experience before.


Viewing the exterior, it can just be simply concluded that this car is really beautiful. it gives you both elegant and sporty vibes in futuristic way. Sure, there will not be the big grill on the front.

Of course, there is no radiator and such things here. Meanwhile, on the wheels, the velg is quite big; it is around 21 inches. The standard wheel applied is Michelin Super Sport 245/ 35 R21.

All the lamps attached here are LED with DRLs that all of them are integrated fully with the sign lamp. Go to the luggage, it may simply remind you of MPV. Indeed, this series is produced to accommodate around 7 people.

Now, let’s see the car’s interior. The knob is so cool in which the handle is flat just like the conceptual cars. So, how is to open the door? It can be simply done by touching the handle using remote control.

Then, the handle is appeared and you can open the door. Once you go in the cockpit, it is definitely amazing. There are not many buttons available here; only two functioned as the hazard lamp and glove box opener on the right side.

The big screen available is to control all the car’s panels starting from the AC, suspension, riding modes, too sunroof. The animation is attractive and cool. The driving experience will never be boring at all.

The same thing is also about the speedometer with full LCD color display. It gives you much information from the car. Do you know what? Even the positions of other cars can also be monitored here with animation which is really interesting.

The seats are very comfortable as it applies the bucket seat series. For the area behind front seats, the design is almost similar with the front ones. However, it is claimed that it is not the most comfortable one. Yes, this car is indeed designed for the drivers or the lovers of autonomous driving.

The keyless feature is another sophisticated thing offered by this car. It is so unique with intuitive approach. To open the front cab, just push the front cab of the remote control. Easily, the cap is just opened.

The Engine

It is clear enough that this car uses battery to keep the electric power. The engine is not placed on the front anyway. it is between the wheels whether they are in front or rear.

Meanwhile, the battery is divided into some series and it is placed on the floor to save the space. It is cool to see how the port charging is hidden well. Where is it? It is on the left side of brake lamp.