Tesla Model S 0-60

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An earlier announcement on the latest TESLA MODEL S has proven that electric cars will be the future of the automotive world. For a long time, we have been led to believe that electric cars would never get off the ground for many reasons. To say they would one day take over the industry by the storm would have been a dire proposition, to say the least.

Thanks to Tesla, that is no longer the case. The Model S has changed how we view electric cars. Now with P100D, it’s clear that an electric saloon car can also be fast. Its premium quality also makes it comparable to its rivals such as Porsche, Panamera, and Mercedes. But what exactly do the Models S P100D have to offer? Read on to find out.

Incredible performance

Combining convenience and performance, it’s not hard to see why the Models S P100D is highly regarded as a masterpiece. This particular car boasts effortless driving experience and incredible performance. Elon Musk has always had one goal in mind, and it seems that he has succeeded. The brilliant innovator has always wanted to build a fast premium electric car that compares to his old McLaren Ferrari. TESLA MODEL S embodies everything he has ever envisioned.

Tesla Model S P100D is nothing short of impressive. Depending on the specification, the smart car has the ability to cover the ground with the maximum range of 300-miles. Not only speed on the ground, the Tesla Model S P100D deserves a praise for its ability to speed charge. With the addition of supercharger points, its expanding network allows the car to fully charge in a remarkably short period of time. When it comes to thrills, there is no shortage of options. See the following detail to learn more.

  • Brisk accelerative performance that matches many fast cars.

With 0-60 accelerated time, P100D surely becomes the fastest car from Tesla. It’s true that all of the cars from Tesla are notoriously famous for its brisk performance. However, the latest Tesla Model S has clearly topped it up a notch.

  • Excellent engine and gearbox

When it comes to engine and gearbox, nothing can beat the electric motors of the P100D. With the capability of driving an axle each, the premium car ensures both incredible traction and grunt performance.

Specs and prices

When it comes to prices, the Model S lineup has risen to 134,500-dollars. This price hike may seem like a tall order. However, when you compare P100D to other fast cars with similar specifications, you will start seeing it as a bargain. To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at what the car has to offer in great detail. Other than impressive performance, the Model S also boasts all-around heated steering wheel and seats. Ther is also additional rear-facing seats and, best of all, an uprated stereo.

Back in the day, Smart Air Suspension was an option. But in this particular model, the feature has become the standard feature. Other than the Smart Air Suspension, the electric car also boasts full self-driving capability, thanks to its enhanced autopilot system. With astounding features and performance, no wonder TESLA MODEL S matches Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, Mercedes-AMGE63 and BMW M5.